Celebrities Pre-1930

Houdini Gallery
Josephine Baker Gallery  (More info)
Josephine Baker Gallery 2
Josephine Baker Gallery 3
Louise Brooks Gallery 1  (More info)
Louise Brooks Gallery 2
Louise Brooks Gallery 3
Rudolph Valentino Gallery 1  (More info)
Rudolph Valentino Gallery 2
Rudolph Valentino Gallery 3
Mata Hari Gallery  (More info)
Bebe Daniels Gallery  (More info)
Billie Dove Gallery  (More info)
Clara Bow Gallery  (More info)
Delores Del Rio Gallery  (More info)
Vilma Banky Gallery  (More info)
Alexandra, Princess of Wales from 1863 to 1901 (More info)
Alexandra, Princess of Wales part 2
Wright Brothers Gallery 1
Wright Brothers Gallery 2
Wright Brothers Gallery 3
Marlene Dietrich
Adolf Hitler 1
Adolf Hitler 2
Adolf Hitler 3
Adolf Hitler 4
Greta Garbo Gallery 1
Greta Garbo Gallery 2